About The Peeps

Say hello to The Peeps. We are an award-winning creative team who ensure your work stands out through bold ideas and tech innovation. We blend trad skills (such as copywriting and coding) with all that’s new and shiny (AI, AR, web 3). If you’re fearless and fancy a first-class ticket on the fame train, get in touch today.

We've been working on the cutting edge of AI, creative technology and marketing since 2018. As Tiny Giant we created award winning "world firsts" like virtual influencers, AI gin, AI cocktails, AI cupcakes, AI poetry, and much more. And now we have evolved into The Peeps!

Picking up a Drum Award for our work on Papa Johns NFT campaign

πŸ† The Papa Johns Hot Bag NFT campaign won Metaverse: NFT Campaign of the Year at the 2023 Drum Awards.

πŸ† The Papa Johns Hot Bag NFT campaign won Best Digital Initiative and Best Marketing Campaign at the 2022 QSR Media Awards.

πŸ† AIDA: the world's first AI science curator won the DMA Gold Award for Best Use of AI.

πŸ† Monker's Garkel: the world's first AI Gin won the DMA Bronze Award for Best Use of AI, and won a silver medal at the 2020 London Spirits Competition.