Creative & Generative AI

Royal Academy of Engineering

Royal Academy of Engineering: Lady MacRobert talks about some of the incredible innovations which have won the engineering prize

Future Face

Future Face: helping the start-up champion its proposition through AI visual storytelling

BIMA Generative Genius

Generative Genius: every quarter for BIMA, we showcase all that’s new and shiny in Gen AI

Durex AI immersive art

Durex: creating AI immersive art and music to create a spectacular sensory climax

Tracey Follows avatars

Tracey Follows: making hyper-cool fashion avatars for one of the UK’s leading futurists

Onlock Learning celeb deepfakes

Onlock Learning: celeb deepfakes for this viral Instagram educator

Cheltenham Science Festival AI science curator

AIDA: the world's first AI science curator - now an icon at the Cheltenham Science Festival

Monker's Garkel AI gin

Monker's Garkel: the world's first AI gin from botanicals to branding

Bristol University AI film

Postcard From The Future: an AI film project with Bristol University

Bower AI avatar

Bower: a fake spokesperson highlights the fake nature of plastic recycling

AI advent calendar

Twenty-five nifty festive fun surprises on what turned out to be the world’s number-one AI advent calendar in 2023

We’ve been in the creative AI space since 2018. Deep in the code, smashing out the storytelling. The advent of new AI tools such as ChatGPT, MidJourney, Dalle, Stable Diffusion, Eleven Labs, Runway ML and D-ID makes the possibilities even more exciting. Together, let’s do something incredible.

🏆 AIDA: the world's first AI science curator won the DMA Gold Award for Best Use of AI.

🏆 Monker's Garkel: the world's first AI Gin won the DMA Bronze Award for Best Use of AI, and won a silver medal at the 2020 London Spirits Competition.